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Our orthopaedic program is led by distinguished specialists who are skilled in joint replacements, spinal surgery, arthroscopy, carpal tunnel, and sports medicine.

When are orthopaedic services needed?

When a joint disorder such as osteoarthritis has caused on-going pain or irreversible damage to a hip or knee joint, a surgical procedure called arthroplasty may be the best treatment.

What is Arthroplasty?

Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure which results in reforming of the joint. The operation may involve simply smoothing the damaged socket of the joint, or it may involve the actual replacement of certain parts of the joint with a plastic or metal device. Joint replacements are generally performed by orthopedic surgeons, physicians who specialize in bone surgery.

What is hip arthropasty?

The pain of osteoarthritis can be excruciating, and joint replacement may be done more often to bring pain relief than for any other reason. The most common replacement is done on the hip. In hip arthroplasty, a steel ball on a stem replaces the top of the thigh bone, or femur. The cup of the pelvis is also replaced with a polyethylene cup. Women are more likely to have this operation because fractures of the femur are common in older women as a result of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Hip replacement is one of the most successful operations undertaken with a success rate of between 90 and 100 percent. Many patients feel that they are given a new lease on life, not only because they can return to near normal activity, but also because of the relief from pain. Hip replacement was the earliest, and is still the most successful joint replacement procedure.


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