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Swing Bed Extended Care 
Swing Bed is an extended care program which provides patients who are not well enough to go home another option of care.

The Swing Bed program allows the hospital to use its beds for patients whose condition has stabilized but who still require a skilled level of care.

Some examples of skilled care include:

  • rehabilitation such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy
  • rehabilitation following surgery or a stroke
  • IV medication therapy following a stabilized illness
  • pain management
  • nutritional guidance
 Swing bed

Your physician will determine whether your condition requires a skilled level of care.

How do I Become a Patient in the Swing Bed Program?
Not all patients qualify for the Swing Bed program. In order to qualify, it is essential that the following criteria are met:

  1. You must have already been in the hospital for a minimum of three days as an inpatient.
  2. Your condition must require a skilled level of care which will be determined by your physician.
  3. As a patient, you must be willing to work towards established goals and show progress towards those goals with therapists and other staff while in the program.
  4. You must also have coverage under the Medicare Part A program or private insurance.

Level of Care Provided
The Swing Bed program allows the hospital to use its beds for patients requiring a reduced level of care.

Patients remain in the same area of the hospital as during an inpatient stay; however, they normally do not require the same amount of care as they received when first admitted as an inpatient. During a Swing Bed stay, each patient’s care is individualized based on his/her needs and goals.

If you would like more information regarding the Swing Bed Program at St. Francis Hospital & Health Services, please contact the hospital at (660) 562-2600 and ask for extension 5641 or 5642.

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