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Policies and Operational Procedures 


The Health Emergency Lifeline Program (HELP) Board of Directors adhere to the By-laws and Board policy regarding conflict of interest and take steps to avoid situations where their decisions or actions in their capacity as the Health Emergency Lifeline Program, Inc. (HELP) Board members conflict with the vision, mission or programming of the organization.  For specific details Contact Us.


Upon receiving an allegation of misconduct, immediate action is taken by our Integrity Officer to assess allegation.  Below is the timeline for filing a complaint.  Contact Us for information on how to initiate a complaint.

1.      If the allegation sufficient provides sufficient information to allow specific follow-up, inquiry process initiated immediately.

2.      Inquiry Committee appointed within 10 days of the initiation of the inquiry.

3.      Inquiry process will begin and will result in a written inquiry report within 60 calendar days following the first meeting, unless the Integrity Officer approves an extension for good cause.

4.      A draft of the inquiry report will go to the whistleblower for review who will provide a response within 14 days of receipt.

5.      The final report will go to the Deciding Official who will make a determination within 60 days of the first meeting of the inquiry committee.

6.      An investigation committee will be appointed within 10 days of the notification to the respondent that an investigation is planned.

7.      The Integrity Officer will notify the respondent of the proposed committee membership in 5 days.  If the respondent submits written objection to any appointed member of the inquiry committee or expert based on bias or conflict of interest within 5 days.

8.      The investigation committee will be appointed and the process initiated within 30 days of the completion of the inquiry, if findings from the inquiry provide a sufficient basis for conducting an investigation.

9.      The Integrity Officer will provide the respondent with a copy of the draft investigation report for comment and rebuttal.  The respondent will be allowed 15 days to review and comment on the draft.


The members of the Executive Committee are responsible for promoting sound records management practices by adhering to the following guidelines:

1.      Establish realistic records retention and disposal schedules for all HELP records.  The Secretary shall maintain a file containing the approved records disposition schedule for HELP.

2.      Develop a vital records protection program for all permanent and essential records for HELP.

3.      Develop and maintain filing systems that will assure efficient usage and prompt retrieval of records.


For specific details Contact Us or Refer to the Missouri General Retention and Disposition Schedule at:  http://www.missouristate.edu/assets/Procurement/MoGRS-signed.pdf] 


As a partner with Philips Lifeline, the Health Emergency Lifeline Program falls under the umbrella of their HIPAA  policy to protect the privacy of our subscribers.  Although we do not use their centralized monitoring service, we comply with the practices they require.  The following Philips Lifeline link provides an explanation for those who are interested in learning more.   http://www.lifelinesys.com/content/company/privacy.jsp

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