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Volunteer Leadership Team


Board President                                                             Robert E. Bush
Responsible for Strategic Planning, Overall                               Maryville, Missouri
Program Oversight and Management, and                                660.582.8486
Serves as the Deciding Officer                                                 bobebush@gmail.com

Vice President                                                                 Larry G. Rusco
Responsible Installation Team Training,                                    Maryville, Missouri
Assists with Program Oversight and Management,                    660.582.7567
Assists with Equipment Repair, and Serves as                          lgrusco@embarqmail.com
the Integrity Officer

Secretary                                                                          Deb Garrett
Responsible for Board Record Keeping                                    Maryville, Missouri
and Program Records Management                                         660.582.7341

Treasurer                                                                         Nancy Baxter
Responsible for Financial Record Keeping                                Maryville, Missouri
and Financial Reporting                                                          660.582.3080

Chief Installer and Test Caller                                     Donna Holt
Responsible for Inventory Maintenance,                                    Maryville, Missouri
Installation Team Mobilization,                                                 660.582.3328
Test Caller Training and Assists with
Installation Team Training

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