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Board Members and Board Compensation

·     21 volunteer members

o       Over the age of twenty-one years

o       Reside in Northwest Missouri

o       No fewer than twelve members reside within Nodaway County

o       St. Francis Hospital and Health Services representative serves as an Ex-Official member

·     President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer make up the Executive Committee and perform traditional duties of their offices

·     The Board makes rules, policies, regulations and by-laws or amend by-laws to govern and secure accountability of the organization

·     Standing committees include:

o       Financial Committee – consists of three Board member who assist with financial oversight

o       Client Review Committee – composed of social and medical professionals who review requests for financial assistance for Lifeline services

o       Nominating Committee – appointed by President to nominate candidates for retiring directors and/or officers

o       Strategic Planning Committee – chaired by the President, consists of three Board members and the Executive Committee reviews organizational strategic planning

o       Installers Committee – chaired by the Vice President, composed of all of the volunteers who serve on the installation teams review and recommend installation procedures

o       Test Caller Committee – chaired by the Chief Installer, composed of all the volunteers who serve as Test callers review and recommend test calling procedures

o       Ad Hoc Committees – formed as needed by the President consists of Board members and community members to address ad hoc matters


Volunteer Installation Teams

·     Vice President serves as training coordinator

·     One Installer serves as the Chief Installer who:

o       maintains the Lifeline unit inventory

o       takes the majority of the calls from perspective subscribers

o       enlists assistance of other Installation Teams to complete installations, rollovers, remove units and handle repair calls

·     Teams include one Installer and one Recorder who are volunteers

·     Teams are trained to:

o       install Lifeline units

o       explain the unit’s operation and maintenance to subscribers and responders

o       inform subscribers and responders of their responsibilities


Volunteer Test Callers

·     Volunteers who makes monthly calls to subscribers to test their equipment

·     Trained to:

o       call subscribers monthly

o       follow test calling procedures

o       trouble shoot if problems are detected


Hospital Admitting Staff Monitors

·     St. Francis Hospital Admitting Staff members monitor the base unit located at the Hospital as a part of their daily duties

·     Trained to:

o       remain composed in the case of an emergency

o       assess the nature of the emergency and/or nonemergency situation

o       make contact with responders as the situation requires

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