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5-1/2 Hot Tips for Summer Training 
In theory, summer sports training should be easier than any other time of year, with more free time and longer days. The reality is that friends, family, vacations, and other activities can make summer training a challenge. Athletic Republic, a pioneer in performance sports training, surveyed athletes about their goals and challenges surrounding summer training. Based on athletes' input and Athletic Republic's 22 years of training experience, we have developed the following suggestions to keep athletes focused and motivated in order to see results during the summer months:

1.    Establish a Plan – Sounds pretty basic but before you know it, July 4th weekend is here and you’ve totally neglected training during the month of June. Start by evaluating your current performance levels this spring, and devising a plan to reach specific goals over the summer.

2.    Make a Commitment to Training – With activities, camps, jobs and vacations to juggle during the summer, it’s pretty easy to find an excuse not to train. Focus on the end goal of what you want to achieve at a select team try-out, up-coming tournament, or during the fall sports season to keep you motivated to maintain your training schedule.

3.    Improve Your Technique – Training the wrong way is not only counter-productive, but also puts you at risk of injury. Consider working with a professional trainer during the summer who can help you learn what it takes to move better, train smarter and increase your overall performance.

4.    Stay Properly Hydrated – Many athletes make the mistake of taking their first drink after they’ve started a training session. It’s critical to stay hydrated before, during and after your training sessions. When hydrating in the summer heat, water or sports beverages like Gatorade are your best options to replace fluid and electrolyte losses that occur through sweat.

5.    Schedule Time for Recovery – Rest is a critical part of every athlete’s training program. Adequate sleep, good nutrition, and properly planned workouts, will all contribute to your health and ability to maximize results from your training effort.

5½.    Have Fun – After all, it’s summer! Relax and enjoy not only your summer training program but also all the other activities you’ll do with friends and family.

To find out more information about effective summer sports training visit Athletic Republic’s website www.AthleticRepublic.com or to schedule your summer training program at our own St. Francis Acceleration, a proud member of Athletic Republic, call (660) 562-7908.

About Athletic Republic: Athletic Republic is the nation’s leading franchisor of evidence-based performance sports training centers. Join the over 800,000 athletes who have taken advantage of its individualized, sport-specific training programs to enhance their speed, power, agility and sensory skills to gain more than just a step on their competition. More information regarding Athletic Republic can be found at  www.AthleticRepublic.com.

About St. Francis Acceleration: The St. Francis Acceleration program is located on the lower level of St. Francis Hospital. The 2300 square foot facility houses the super treadmill, a hitting and throwing area, plyometric stations, and other specialized equipment needed to train the high volume of area athletes. For more information, go online at www.stfrancissportsmed.com and check out all that the St. Francis Rehab & Sports Medicine department has to offer.

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